About Me



Let’s start with the basics, shall we? I’m Emma a 23-year old that enjoys travelling, cooking, baking, live music, going for long walks in the countryside and dabbling in a bit of photography and drawing.

My fiancé and I exploring Hoi An old town.

Career-wise I like be creative too, for the past year and a half I have been living in London working as a Video Editor. I’ve often referred to making a video as doing a jigsaw puzzle. The post-production process in this analogy is that fulfilling moment you put those final pieces together before you take a step back and admire how the video conveys the desired message to the right audience.

For quite a few years now I’ve dedicated my education, studying Visual Effects (VFX) at The University of Bolton, and career, working in the post-production team at Bold Content, putting those final pieces in place.

It’s time now for a new path. The reason I enjoy videos is because of the way they can encourage you to connect, feel something, entertain and occasionally challenge you to transform the way you think. Now that I have valuable experience in the final stages of video production, I want to explore more as to how videos do this.

I plan on going back to the beginning and, rather than putting in those final pieces, working with others to create the concept that will engage the audience and achieve the video’s objectives… just like the image on the front of jigsaw puzzles that draw you in.

Want to know more about me? Drop me a message on Instagram or LinkedIn, I’m always up for a chat.