Here you can see a portfolio of my work showing my wealth of experience in the visual medium. During my education and career to date, I have explored the visual side of post-production from editing, visual effects and colour. Each aspect of post-production has taught me something different, technically and personally.


From an early age, I aimed to become a video editor and in 2017 I succeeded in this goal. The process of editing a video has always appealed to me as I love seeing the final pieces come together. Seeing all the hard work of everyone involved and the reaction to an audience watching it for the first time.

Working as a video editor has not only reinforced skills such as time management and good communication but it has also challenged some skills. Often working to tight deadlines and on low budgets tested my problem-solving skills, forcing me to find creative solutions. I thrived on this challenge as it always made the final video that much more of a success for me personally.

Another more obvious skill I have gained from editing is using the various software. Starting my editing journey around 2010, I used Adobe’s Premiere Pro but moved onto use Final Cut 7 at college and reverted back to Premiere at work 3 years later. Working with both software proved my adaptability to myself, although given a preference I will always work with Premiere.

For more on my editing work check out my editing page.

Visual Effects

As I’ve previously mentioned, a career in post-production was always my goal so when it came to choosing my degree I decided to explore the field further. I have a strong belief that to do well in your own job you should understand the job of those that work around you. For this reason, I chose to study Visual Effects at The University of Bolton with the aim to understand the role of those I intended to work with in the future.

Unfortunately, I learnt a career in visual effects was not for me. I found my love for editing came from working with a narrative, seeing the overall picture. Focusing on the finer details, visual effects, therefore, did not appeal to me. Instead, this exploration strengthened my passion for editing.

Through group project work, the importance of good communication, timekeeping and great teamwork were made even more prominent. When even one of these skills is missing, I realised just how easily a project could go wrong.


Researching the emotional effects of colour, for my dissertation, has really been the domino that has led to where I am now. I’d been taught that everything in a film was there for a reason but through my research, I was amazed at the thought that went into the colour choices.

This realisation emphasised the attention of detail required to produce a successful film or video. Applying my newfound knowledge, I went on to add well thought through colour grades to future videos.

Personally, colour has reminded me of my curiosity about how things work, particularly people’s behaviour. Through researching, my main excitement came from seeing the emotional impact people displayed throughout my questionnaires. Being able to also explain why these reactions came about urged me to find out more. This has led to me changing paths from post-production to explore pre-production and how my curiosity can help enhance whole marketing campaigns.

To learn more about my research on the effects of colour and my work click here.