Editing work

If you have seen my LinkedIn profile or know me personally you will know that after graduating I moved down to London to work as a video editor. This had been my dream for a long time; I had always thought that being able to put the final pieces of a project together was the best part. I have since proved myself wrong. Don’t get me wrong I still love editing and being able to see everyone’s hard work completed. It’s the storytelling of videos that I really love and how they can influence emotions.

Bold Content

For a year and a half, I worked as a video editor mainly working on corporate videos. During my time at Bold Content, I also edited charity, event, product, crowdfunding and advertising videos. My contribution to videos at Bold was not limited to editing though. I also created subtitles, motion graphics, narrative ideas and colour corrected and graded videos.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality many of these videos can’t be shared with you. However, I have created a YouTube playlist below of most of the publicly available videos I have edited.

LDN: Doc In a Day

While working in London I came across London Documentary Network and a competition they run called Doc In a Day. The competition runs over a period of 36 hours (more than a day I know!) In this time, you meet your team for the first time and with a given theme you source a subject, film and edit a video.

Anyone who makes films and possibly those who don’t will appreciate what a challenge this is. I do recommend this for anyone who wants to get involved with making documentaries or short films though. There is so much you can take from this experience and if you win even better!

My experience

Unfortunately, my team didn’t win but I still feel immensely proud of this video. At first watch, you may question my sanity and I don’t blame you; the sound is awful making it a little hard to watch and you will probably think of many other changes the video could benefit from. Can I just remind you though that the whole project from forming a team to delivery was done in 36 hours!

Our theme was ‘Truth’ and, trying to steer clear from the obvious as well as do something a little outside the box and with this competition being held on the weekend of Comic-Con and Pride, we were challenged. Enough of my blabbering though, I shall let you judge for yourselves but before you ask no, unfortunately, we didn’t have access to a boom mic or a quieter place to film our main interview.

Doc In A Day: The Truth About Buskers Is from Emma Patel on Vimeo.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this documentary or any other piece of my work please don’t hesitate to get in contact via LinkedIn, Instagram or email me at emma.patel@gmail.com.