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Recently I decided it was time to turn one of my ideas into a treatment. While brainstorming I thought about Kayak’s Travel Pros campaign but I hadn’t seen this advert in months, at least. To me, this just confirmed that this was a successful advert. Not because it ended up in my brainstorm but because even months since I’d last seen it the advert still came to mind.

The campaign sees pros utilising travel, with ease from Kayak, for various professions. The one advert that truly stuck in my mind was this one showing DJ and Producer duo Eli & Fur travelling around Japan collecting various sounds.

The campaign consists of many other Travel Pros including Laura Bingham Explorer, Mattias Klum Photographer and Jeremy Jones Snowboarder. This one stood out to me the most because of the use of sound. I love a bit of sound design as you know from my post a couple of weeks back on Very’s It Starts with a Box advert. It seems obvious to use sound when including such sound oriented people but this has been done so well. The advert fills you with the excitement to travel and start your next adventure, with Kayak too of course!

The sound wasn’t an afterthought though as Stefan Petzinger, Kayak’s Senior Vice President EMEA Marketing told Travolution. “We are used to seeing travellers share images of their journey on social media, so it is easy to forget how incredibly stimulating it is for our other senses. The sounds of a travel destination fuel the excitement of being in a new and unfamiliar place and the advert captures this sense of energy and adventure.”


If the last 250 odd words didn’t tell you I liked this campaign here’s why? Petzinger also told Travolution, “When you know you’ve made the right decisions you are free to enjoy the journey – and that is what we wanted to get across in the ad.” Personally, I think this is done well because we are told this is a Kayak advert straight away but the sound soon takes over and although we are still reminded of Kayak through the handy notifications we see how simple it is to use.

One of the main aspects of the campaign which works well is the different characters it focuses on. Just like last week’s Love Food Stories campaign Travel Pros provides us with different stories to reach a wider audience giving every traveller someone to relate to or aspire to be.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Kayak’s Travel Pros campaign. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Is there a travel style that appeals to you more? Let me hear about it.

Featured image courtesy of The Drum.


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