Very: It Starts With a Box

So, I originally planned to write about Disneyland Paris’ latest advert The Little Duck. Obviously I’ve had a little change of heart here. While doing a cheeky bit of procrastinating and watching way too many This Morning videos on YouTube I came across a brilliant advert. Thanks YouTube!

With their long running success with Very St Luke’s created this as the latest advert to promote the major online shop. The advert shows little glimpses of people’s lives each including a box. The boxes signify new memories and chapters for the characters. As well as the products they bring the boxes are also referencing Very’s box logo.

Featuring on the record sleeve to the ring box cushion the subtle variations of the branded pink in each scene enhances the link to the logo the boxes have. This attention to detail shown through the colour choices is just the start.

Another high point of focus that hasn’t gone unnoticed in this advert is the sound. Accompanying the beautiful song When We Come Alive by Ruelle is some well crafted sound design. We can hear the slightest detail highlighted such as the ring box opening and paper sliding into the ballot box. Preventing us from getting lost in the song by letting us hear these details allows us to be part of the excitement. 


The excitement created by Very’s latest advert here through the content and sound is a great emotional motivator. Making potentional consumers feel this excitement along with the characters pushes them to explore Very products to find their own excitement. Although I don’t know the results of this advert and how much extra traffic it drove to the site I can bet it’s a success.

The overall video is just beautiful too as the work on the sound has really helped the video flow. The brand hasn’t been forced onto us at the beginning instead it has been skillfully hinted at throughout. Doing this allows audiences to engage with the video more reinforcing that emotional motivator.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Very’s latest advert It starts with a box. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Which adverts have you seen with this amount of detail put in recently?

Featured image courtesy of YouTube/Very.



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