Taco Bell: The Bell

Not quite the usual campaign you find me writing about rather a unique brand expansion. Earlier today Taco Bell announced, on Twitter, the opening of their very own taco inspired hotel later this year. While some may have noticed the teaser video uploaded to YouTube 10 days ago. Unfortunately, this video doesn’t give much away apart from the fact it’s due to open August this year in the sunny Palm Springs.

From pool-side cocktails to nail art, the resort is said to give you the Taco Bell twist to your holiday. To the disappointment of some Taco Bell fans the resort is only open for a limited time, although we’re not told how limited. You can start reserving your room next month.


A growing marketing trend after Trivial Pursuits March announcement branded hotels allow us to live and breath the brand. The Trivial Pursuit hotel will be open for a limited time of just under 4 weeks starting next Monday allowing you to pay with knowledge. The quality of your stay at this hotel is decided on the quality of your knowledge, maybe not a risk all holiday-goers are willing to take.

It’s nice when you see brands doing something a little or in this case a lot different. As much as a branded hotel will generate money I this as more of a celebration of a loyal fanbase. It’s fun and definitely something that has us talking.


The ROI isn’t exactly clear yet for such a unique marketing strategy but so far it seems successful. With 114 comments and counting the announcement tweet seems to only be getting good feedback. Some have even asked if it’s possible to live in the hotel forever, although I think the novelty would wear off.

Overall I think this is a brilliant idea, ballsy but brilliant. Targeting existing dedicated fans of the brand is only the first step in this strategy. The second step is giving potential fans of the brand something to be jealous of, making their FOMO real. I’m pretty sure Taco Bell have a hashtag at the ready for their guests to go crazy on social media showing off all of the resorts quirks too. Celebrating the loyal consumers of the brand gives potential consumers a reason to invest in the brand.

The whole resort just sounds like an explosion of colour, sun and fun. Is it just me that can already see them inflatable avocado float/beach ball combo populating the pool?

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Taco Bell’s hotel announcement. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. What are your thoughts on a hotel based on a fast food brand?

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