M&S: This is not just food…This is M&S Food

Is it just me that ends up having endless tabs at times? The other day I decided to clear through the tabs I had built up on my phone, all 28! Yes, it gets that bad. One of the tabs was an article from The Drum about M&S’ latest revival campaign. Being the foodie I am, as you may know from previous posts, they had me at the words, “food porn”.

Grey London has brought back the ‘This is not just food…’ slogan we all know so well but with an added twist. Rather than the voiceover, we’re used to this new addition to our screens show M&S customers getting distracted from daily life by the irresistible M&S food. Just see what they have done below.

This was just the start of this comeback though M&S also treated us to a comical Easter version.

If M&S weren’t in the nation’s minds already after teasing us with such delights they spread their reach further by sponsoring Britain’s Got Talent. We didn’t just see this through the BGT’s idents though their support was also shown through their very active Twitter feed.


Why I like this campaign

Due to the fact, I’m a self-acclaimed foodie this campaign is going to speak to me. I can also be a bit of a daydreamer at times which is another reason I can relate to this first TVC in the campaign. The way the TFL announcer trails off looking and talking about the “succulent M&S Scottish Salmon”.

I love that this campaign didn’t end at the TV ads with occasional appearances on social media. M&S have a hugely active on Twitter with over 434K tweets over the past decade gaining them 577K followers. Their social media presence on Twitter has been greatly utilised allowing the conversation and drooling to carry on.


Sometimes when brands repeat a certain format of advertising such as the Go Compare adverts we can get quite annoyed with them. It’s hard to believe it was over a decade since the original TVC aired that this campaign gives homage to. I bet it’s not just me that remembers this well too.

Would you believe that the pudding that your no doubt drooling over now had its sales increased by 3500% thanks to this advert? It’s no wonder that Grey London thought it best to rehash a successful idea. Especially after the 2.1% drop in sales over Christmas.

Removing the voiceover from the old campaign and introducing everyday customers was a smart move. Doing so has changed the positioning of M&S from a rare luxury buy to an everyday buy. You may think how is this smart, devaluing the products? Rather than devaluing the product Grey London has glorified it while allowing it to speak to the wider audience.

Sponsoring a family favourite such as BGT is another smart more helping to generate copious amounts of content. This opportunity didn’t slip by M&S either as we see them constantly tweeting about the show with some great punny comments.

Overall a brilliant campaign, I hope it’s as successful as the last for them. keep the food porn coming M&S.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into M&S’ This is not just food… campaign. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Which food ad gets you drooling the most? 

Featured image courtesy of The Independent.


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