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When advertising for a product that will be sitting on a supermarket shelf you want your product to stand out. Unless you are providing each supermarket with an eye-catching stand to display your product on your only tool to sell your product at this point is its packing. If you’re smart about this your packaging can do more than just catch the consumers eye. It can tell a story, promote a cause your company supports or start a conversation. Lifewtr a water brand owned by Pepsi is promoting artists with their packaging.

Lifewtr will be changing its packaging every 6 months to celebrate a new theme in art and introduce 3 different emerging artists. The first theme revealed was Contemporary Art in the UK introducing, Lynnie Z, Craig & Karl and Yinka Ilori.

The brand’s caption, ‘Life needs art. Like we need water.’ illuminates the importance they put on art in life. Lifewtr aims to unleash out creative potential by inspiring us with the varying artwork on their bottles as well as promoting the artists themselves.

Why I like this packaging

When marketing a product you want it to stand out and what makes a product stand out more than some vibrant artwork? Lifewtr has created a great mutually beneficial partnership with artists showcasing their work while getting distinctive product packaging to attract consumers.

As mentioned earlier products going on supermarket shelves need to stand out. A bit of a obvious fact really, there is so much choice for every product now how do we choose? Personally I go with price, many people will be loyal to a particular brand but when you have product packaged so it stands out from the rest it might make you rethink.

Brief verdict

What more is there to say as an idea its brilliant and its nice to see more art out in daily life. How well it works is a different matter. It will be intesting to how many bottles of Lifewtr we start seeing about now.
I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Lifewtr’s product packaging. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Which food ad gets you drooling the most?

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