Cheetham Bell: Soreen

Scrolling through my Instagram feed the other week a particular post from Cheetham Bell caught my eye. It was indeed a thumb-stopper. This post was a brilliant little ad for one of their clients Soreen.

Cheetham Bell has held Soreen as a client for a while now featuring campaigns they produced back in 2016 on their website including the Love At First Toast campaign. The campaign was a launch of Soreen’s Toast Me’s range. Although Cheetham Bell doesn’t seem to have done too much in the way of major campaigns with Soreen since 2016 they sure are nailing their social media.

This particular post takes advantage of Wimbledon and the association it has with strawberries to promote their lunch box strawberry bar.

Why I like this post so much

You may think, “it’s just one Instagram post why write a whole blog post on it?”. Well with all the noise on social media now it’s hard to create a true thumb-stopper. This is a perfect example of a post that does that well. Catches our attention and for all the right reasons.

I love this post because it’s just clever in every respect, simple but clever. It’s a post that makes me think, “Ah, I see what they did there”. First of all with the graphics using Sorren’s usual bold colours with some strawberries soon to reveal the Soreen bars making up the strawberry seeds. Just brilliant. Then they take advantage of a hashtag sure to be trending (#wimbledon) to widen their audience further. The post copy is then nicely finished off with a nice bit of wordplay with the mention of “Soreena Williams”.

Brief verdict

Cheetham Bell sure has cracked the thumb-stopper post with this one. It’s eye-catching, current, clever and humorous. What more do you want from your posts? I hope we see a few more Soreen bars popping up in objects like this. Possibly in their Halloween Scream range in a few months.
I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Cheetham Bell’s marketing of Soreen. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Have you seen anything lately that has grabbed your eye like this?

Featured image courtesy of YouTube/soreenhq.


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