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Almost 2 weeks of this lockdown is over. How is everyone feeling? Has it all gone quick or is time dragging? Either way, the situation, although the same, is experienced differently for all of us. One brand that shows us they are aware of this is McCain. A while ago, in my Share a Coke post, I mentioned their We Are Family ad.

This TV ad has stood the test of time and is truly brilliant. Such a simple idea showing how broad their audience is and giving almost everyone something to relate to.

With the lockdown now in place, there has certainly been a reason for brands to change their messaging. McCain originally used the messaging We Are Family showcasing just how different family is to each of us. In a time where we can’t see all of our family the same, there was cause for a change here. The lockdown means it’s very hard for new footage to be captured.

As a result of this issue, McCain has recycled their previously shot footage for their latest ad. Here’s To Everyone is a nice little ad just saying thank you for everyone doing their part. Similarly to We Are Family, McCain shows how everyone’s part in helping is different from parents homeschooling, grandparents doing storytime over video calls and keyworkers working overtime.


I love this ad and picked it for that very reason. However, last September I did commit to commenting on how campaigns can be improved. The original advert We Are Family first aired back in 2017. Three years on, McCain is still using the same format, and as I said above, it has stood the test of time. I still think it’s a great ad that is relatable, well pre-lockdown. Here’s To Everyone makes great use of the same footage, bringing it up to date with the current situation just by changing the voiceover. Well, that’s a very simple view of what they have done.

The only thing they could have done better is created a completely new concept rather than recycling the same ad. When you look at the advert in the context of the lockdown and what can be done, they have done great. They have gotten a new voiceover added and new edit created with no loss in quality. The concept is perfect for the current situation so in all honesty this negative is really to just say a negative. I can’t think of a better concept.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Here’s To Everyone from McCain. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. What do you think about how they have recycled their old ad? Resourceful or lazy?

Honourable mention: From Time Out to Time In
Image courtesy of Time Out.

As you can see from the above image their logo has changed to show their temporary name during the lockdown. Time Out as the name suggests promotes getting out and about but it’s not really something to promote at the moment. This isn’t stopping them though, as their latest statement informs us, they will still be keeping us up-to-date with what London is offering as well as championing small indie businesses.

A great idea to reinvent themselves to fit with the current times. Time In (Out) have been doing daily posts on Instagram on what to stream to help keep you entertained from home. There have been some great ideas like the ones below. If you’re bored give them a visit.

Featured image courtesy of PHD Media.


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