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Anyone else sick of everything lockdown? Yep, me too so this week I’m looking at some campaigns completely unrelated to lockdown. Although it may be something we have all been enjoying a little more during the lockdown with less driving. Alcohol! Well, Joseph Holt and their Nothern Hop IPA to be precise.

Cheetham Bell has been brightening up my Instagram with some great creatives lately. I loved these decorated loo roll ends too, very comical.

However, it isn’t these little works of art that I’m looking at this week. It’s the work Cheetham Bell have done for Joseph Holt. Check out some of their creative pieces below. Cheetham Bell hasn’t just stuck to posters and billboards with their OOH advertising. They have gone to the home of the product, the pub. The humble bar runner and beer mats haven’t been overlooked here, they have been utilised. What do you think?

But this is just the lastest work they posted. They have also worked with Joseph Holt to create a limited edition glass to celebrate the launch of their new IPA, Northern Hop.

Pretty cool, right? And they didn’t forget about the packaging here either. Every opportunity to advertise has been taken. I don’t like ale, more of a gin girl, but I’m a tempted to try now.


Well, it’s no surprise Cheetham Bell have been nominated for so many awards by The Drum, especially with their work for Joseph Holt. This isn’t the first or second time their work has appeared on my blog either! The whole campaign is so refreshingly Northern or should I say ‘Unmistakably Northern’. It’s nice to see the city I used to work in and miss being able to visit being promoted. The spirit of Manchester has been captured so well with the creativity and the link to the Manchester bee.

In the spirit with trying not to praise these campaigns too much, (I think all the award nominations may be doing that enough already) one addition I would make to the campaign is promoting Manchester more to Southerners. If you had the beer mats as they were with the copy but when they turn them over it shows you how the IPA is exclusive to Manchester. For an added incentive, these beer mats promoting Manchester could enable you to get the limited edition glass after just one purchase in appreciation for making the trip to Manchester.

What do you think of Cheetham Bell’s work with Joseph Holt? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you think it’s a great use of pub accessories? Is there any way you would expand or change this campaign?

Honourable mention: Snickers SEO campaign

Now, this is going back a little bit but it’s a great campaign. I can’t believe I haven’t got around to talking about this one yet. After all this time I don’t think there has been an SEO campaign good enough to rival it. If I’m wrong, what’ve I missed?

For those of you who have no clue what I’m on about watch the video below. It will do a better job of explaining than I will.

A little out of the box thinking here. This SEO campaign was created more for a branding exercise than to increase their CTR on their PPC ads. Their ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ slogan has been promoted in many other ways and continues to do so. It just shows that you can get creative with what keywords you target not just the copy in your ads. Well, it’s easy to flex your creative muscles when it’s for such a big brand but this is quite a low-cost test if you already have an idea to go and your own team to implement it. Have you got any other ideas on how this can work? Maybe a travel company targetting people searching for weather forecasts? Well in the post lockdown climate.

Image found on Facebook.
Featured image courtesy of Ladbible.


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