Virgin Media: Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected

All we’re hearing at the moment is Stay Home and Stay Safe. Virgin Media have added a little extra to this, stay connected. I think we can all agree this is just as important. In a time of quarantine and self-isolation, we should be thankful for the digital age we’re in. Let’s face it with our social media, video calls or just standard calls we’d all be hit by this much worse.

Quite a nice reminder of how we are all connecting still. I bet you’ve seen some of these already too.

Just like Tesco did with Dedications, Virgin Media have utilized user-generated content for their advert. They haven’t even had to request it, the content is just there already. We can already see it online which is great for Virgin Media as they know what reaction to expect from us. They know what content will make us smile, laugh and warm our hearts.


I’m keeping this short and sweet today as I actually have a video call to get to. A family cooking lesson, starting to feel more sociable in lockdown!

In a time where we will all get a little low at some point, it’s nice to have such an uplifting advert. I like the fact that it’s not too salesy either, even though we can all read between the lines, “You need great internet to stay this connected”. I’m saying that as someone who misses having Virgin Broadband too. Instead, I’m back to wandering around our house trying to get good wifi for video calls.

It could be said to be a little lazy that they have just reused content that has already been put out there but that would be forgetting how much content they probably sat through to get all of this though. We also have no issue with songs already out there being used on adverts so content shouldn’t be any different as long as the right permission is given for everything. Personally, for these reasons, I have no issue with this. It made me smile and inspired me to connect with loved ones too.

In a nutshell, it’s a great ad. Very uplifting and inspiring reminding us that it doesn’t just cheer us up talking to someone but cheers them up too. So let’s stay connected!

What do you think to Virgin Media’s TVC? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you feel a little bit happier after seeing this ad? Had it encouraged you to get in touch with a loved one?

Honourable mention: Unhappy Birthday from Burger King France

As much as we may stay connected, having a birthday during lockdown away from our friends and family isn’t ideal. As adults, most of us, excusing those with bigger milestone birthdays, understand and don’t mind too much. For children, this is a little harder to understand and Burger King France empathises with them.

If you head over to their Instagram you’ll see that a few people have already started tagging them in birthday cake photos. Do you think they are ready to hold so many parties after lockdown?

Featured image courtesy of Virgin Media.


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