Vileda Turbo: That annoying ad!

This week I’m trying something different, rather than talking about a campaign that inspires me I want to talk about one I think needs some improvements. Vileda Turbo.

It was recently bought to my attention how easy I find it to praise a campaign. However, I find it very difficult to discuss the negatives of a campaign. Originally I thought how can I judge? What campaign have I been apart of to give me a right to judge? Then I thought about how I could learn from others mistakes and downfalls. A bad, miscalculated campaign doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be an opportunity to learn and grow. Really this should have been obvious to me but I think part of me has been scared to judge the work of others without the expertise to back myself up.

With this in mind, I have decided to challenge myself writing more of my posts on campaigns I feel could have done better. I don’t just want to point out their flaws though, I will also suggest improvements. The campaigns I praise I shall also be pointing out any flaws or where I feel they can progress further. After all, no campaign is perfect.

What is this advert?

Enough of my blabbing though and on with this weeks campaign. I’ve recently been watching a lot on All4, maybe a little too much. One of the TVCs that is a regular is the Vileda Turbo ad. It’s one of those adverts that just makes me cringe every time I see it. I’ll let you watch it first before I go on.

I’m not sure if the little comic part at the end makes the advert any better or worse for me. At first, I contemplated if it was a redeeming feature for the ad and it felt like that the first couple of times I watched it. However, when you have watched this advert more than 10 times it no longer redeems it. Instead, it adds to the feeling that everything is so forced there doesn’t seem to be any authenticity.

You may think, “Of course this TVC will annoy you if you see it that many times. Any ad will!”. That’s true but there was something about this ad that annoyed me the first time I saw it. It was something other than that how forced the sale felt. It was the terrible use of ADR.

There has only been one project I have been apart of that used ADR due to the sound captured basically being unusable. I’m sure there have been many times I have seen something with some brilliant ADR so good I haven’t even noticed. The problem with ADR though is when it’s not done well its noticed and not in a good way.

Personally, this ad is a clear example of ADR done badly. It just adds to the whole cringe effect caused by the unsubtle selling of the product.

What I would do differently

Well I did say I would suggest changes to improve the ad. I understand this advert has been dubbed for more reasons than just bad audio. It has also been for translation into other languages.

If I was creating a TVC to be used in different countries I would use either no on-screen dialogue, with voiceover only or film for each language. I understand there may be budget restrictions which is where a voiceover option would be benefitted from.

Aside from the dubbing issue I would look at recreating a different script which doesn’t break the forth wall. I would also look at prephaps creating a different scenario and display the product as quick, easy to use. Portraying scenarios where a character has to clean up quickly in a relatable comic way would be used to do this.

Brief verdict

Overall I find Videla Turbo’s TVC wuite disappointing. With only a couple of changes the advert could have been improved. This is all my personal opinion and with out knowing the brief set or the obstacles oversome I only have one perspective to judge from. That of the audience’s. Which may possibly be the best perspective as its your audience you want to like the ad not get annoyed by it.

In all honesty it’s not the worst ad I have seen but it is one that causes me to cringe so much I can’t watch. I have to turn away.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Vileda Turbo’s TVC and didn’t find it too harsh. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. What adverts have you seen that just aggravating?

Featured image courtesy of youtube/viledainternational.


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