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Ok, you got me I just can’t get enough of food. This lockdown isn’t helping with more time to cook and eat! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how McCain repurposed an old ad to fit with the lockdown. This week I’m looking at how Tesco has done something similar with Dedications.

Dedications take advantage of the nation’s newfound passion for cooking with all this extra time, showcasing what people have been cooking and who they would like to cook for.

Rather than repurposing old footage like McCain, Tesco went down a different route. They used user-generated content. Although this approach doesn’t give the desired polished finish, it does something even better. It adds authenticity seeing real, relatable people and situations. We aren’t being shown some glamourous kitchen we can only dream of but a kitchen we are used to seeing.

There is quite a few mixed emotions with this advert. At first, you feel quite happy because you feel like you are connecting with so many people. Then you think of who you would like to dedicate food to and how you miss them. Passenger’s Let Her Go in the background helps remind us that we want things more now that we can’t have them. The happy upbeat tune gives us the sense that things aren’t that bad. We can still eat the foods that remind us of our loved ones.


About a year ago I wrote a post on the Food Love Stories campaign in its base form. The ever-evolving campaign BBH Creative created with the idea of changing the focus from price to passion continues. Today the tagline Food Love Stories spans across campaigns with this same focus, Dedications being the latest.

Tesco has been very clever with the use of user-generated content in a time when filming isn’t as easy. It shows a great alternative to re-using old footage and with the authenticity poor quality is easily forgiven.

The whole thing has been put together very well but my only suggestion for improvement would be to invite customers to share their dedication. This is kind of implied and they do have a page on their website asking for dedications here. However, there are no hashtags or anything at the end to help us see all the dedications. Looking through their tagged posts on Instagram it doesn’t seem like they have many but maybe that’s the point. Maybe they don’t want to be overloaded with dedications.

What do you think to Tesco’s latest addition to Food Love Stories, Dedications? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you think this campaign will run out of steam any time soon or just continue to evolve? Would you suggest any improvements or do you think it’s great the way it is?

Honourable mention: Starling Bank Business with Off the Ground

Steering away from the subject of food with this week’s honourable mention is Starling Bank Business. Quite an imaginative, memorable advert, don’t you think?

Banking is one of those things no one really likes to do but it’s essential, especially for businesses. For this reason, marketing can be quite difficult, how do you gain customers’ attention? Clearly with something a little bizarre that gets you hooked.

This advert goes on for over 50 seconds without any dialogue, that’s quite a long time, did you still watch to the end? I don’t know about you but I did, I was intrigued, I wanted to know what the advert was for. Within 8 seconds of the end, you know the basics. An online bank for businesses of different levels with an app on android and Apple devices.

The one thing a lot of banks are doing these days is focusing on people and this is international. Remember my post on UOB Private Bank? They did exactly the same, focusing on their customers and what things are like for them, not just numbers. Here Starling bank shows how ruining a business can be difficult with lots of unexpected turbulence but they will help you fly.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube/Tesco.


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