McVities: Sweeter Together

At the beginning of this year this first advert graced our screens showing  just how good the creative team at Grey London are at what they do. The key is simplicity here, you often see people over-thinking an idea and making the final video too complex or simply not successful at achieving their goal. McVities’ Sweeter Together Crane Driver takes this simple idea and embellished a beautifully animated story around it. This advert is no random pick and you shall see why soon.

The Pixar-esque animation really benefits the campaign, catering for the family audience. Aspects like  the way the birds interact with the crane driver and how he lifts the steel beam up to spell ‘HI’ out to his fellow colleagues are easily made possible through this charming animation. Each piece of this video has been clearly thought out.

Looking deeper into this campaign we can see how McVities has addressed a very popular topic of how we may be more connected than ever with all the technology out there but we often lack a real human connection. The simple gesture of giving a biscuit opens us up for these connections and can really make someone’s day. Well this is what McVities are trying to tell us and I completely agree after a recent experience.

Recently a colleague I worked with closely, in the same department, left. Now I knew this was going to happen for a while but, with the chair next to me all of a sudden empty and a lot more work on my plate, it was easy to feel a little lonely and stressed. One of our amazing interns picked up a box of Jaffa Cakes, twin box may I add, while she was on her way into work and handed them to me when she got in. Now this may seem like a very simple gesture but it made my day. As Grey London’s Creative Director, Lex Down mentions in the making of video above offering a biscuit is an unspoken language to us Brits. A ‘How are you?’, ‘Come join us’.

After The Crane Drive’ the ad below, The First Day followed. This shows a young woman starting a new job in an office looking very nervous. Soon she is calmed down by a new colleague making her laugh by using Jaffa Cakes to mock their boss’ eyebrows before proceeding the share the Jaffa Cakes.

The use of relatable content in everyday settings fits with the McVities products so well as they have seamlessly integrated into our lives. This is one of many campaigns that show how brands are now having to change from their typical product-led content to their purpose-led content. We want to agree with brand values in order to buy into them and I think we can all agree with McVities when they say we are Sweeter Together.

I hope you have enjoyed my exploration into the McVitie’s Sweeter Together campaign I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topic if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube/McVities UK.


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