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Perks of my new job, I get to keep up-to-date with marketing campaigns while working! I came across Dating Twitter and it was a must share. Unfortunately being a Northern again means I miss these sort of delights from the Underground. You would be wrong in thinking that’s sarcasm too. One of the best things I found about the Underground was the creative advertising you would often get.

So, what is this campaign?

Dating Twitter is a campaign from Flying Object that shares the relatable, funny and some-what shocking Tweets about dates gone awry. Here’s a little background behind it.

How many times did you pause the video to read more of the tweets? Well, I don’t know about you but I lost track. The whole concept is brilliant and I’m only annoyed I missed seeing the Dating Twitter Advice Bureau in London over the weekend. The tweets are just so witty, comical and authentic. I can really see what Twitter was aiming for with this one, celebrating their community. This has been done is such a unique way and something that not all brands can do well. It truly rivals Spotify’s Listen Like You Used To campaign that I wrote about last year. I’m not quite sure who has done it best though.

You may have also caught from this video that it’s not the first time Twitter has done something like this. Last year Edinburgh’s Fringe festival saw home to Scottish Twitter Visitor Centre. Yes, you heard right Scottish Twitter left the confines of the internet and landed in a visitors centre.

Sound like somewhere you would like to visit? Well, check out more below.


I know this truly was a very brief look at #DatingTwitter but I think the videos and the googling you no doubt did to see more tweets told you everything. It’s clear that I love this campaign. It’s relatable to everyone whether comparing to their own lives or their friends. I would say that’s the one downfall to the Scottish Twitter visitor centre that came before. Don’t get me wrong it’s all, from what I saw, funny and relatable but if like me you’re not Scottish or used to the Scottish accent and dialect then it’s a little harder to follow. A very picky point though as it’s popularity is clearly there and where better to start this than Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

These campaigns have only been regional with #DatingTwitter having it’s OOH and Advice Bureau in London. Yes, that is jealousy you’re sensing but I can see why Twitter has done it this way. The content seems a lot more exclusive this way, even if it then goes viral through social media and not just Twitter.

There are plenty of places for Twitter to go with this campaign format and I can’t wait to see what they will do next.

I hope you have enjoyed my brief look into Twitter’s #datingtwitter OOH  and Advice Bureau campaign. As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you think you can compare Spotify’s Listen Like You Used To to #DatingTwitter? If so, who did it best? 

What would you like to see next from Twitter? Personally I would like to see either #YorkshireTwitter or #CustomerServiceStories.

Featured image courtesy of Pink News.


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