Cadbury Dairy Milk: Madbury for Cadbury

So I may have gone a little chocolate mad this week or should we say I’m Madbury? Sorry not off to a good start. I would love to say that I purposely timed this with international chocolate day but that would be fibbing. When it turned out that this weeks post was all about chocolate I did some googling and found out that international chocolate day is actually 7th July. Yes, this is 12 days after posting this but it’s still before my next post so I will class it as a win.

To start your chocolate cravings we’re going to look at Cadbury Dairy Milk. Once again we are being invited to go a little Madbury with our own chocolate creations.

Be our next inventor!

Everyone's going madbury for Cadbury – now it's your turn! Enter our competition and you could invent the next Cadbury Dairy Milk!

Posted by Cadbury Dairy Milk on Thursday, June 25, 2020

Could watching the joy of smashing a watermelon inspire us anymore? This isn’t the first time Cadbury used the call to action ‘Go Madbury’. You may remember the advert below from a couple of years ago.

Last year we saw some great creations and I can’t wait to try what comes out of this years.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Sugrouk.
Getting to the actual advertising though it’s quite simple. I’m yet to have seen the competition advertised on TV. At the top of this post, you’ll see the only evidence I’ve seen of this competition. If you go on Cadbury Dairy Milk’s page there is no hint to the competition. Instead, they are promoting their ‘Donate your words’ campaign you may remember me talking about last year.

Now the advertising, from what I’ve seen, is almost none existent. They don’t show it on their social media channels apart from their adverts. I feel like they wouldn’t need to pay for the ads if they just posted more. ‘Donate your words’ is a great cause and if anything should distract from their competition it should be a cause like this.

Now the campaign itself is great! It just needs to get out there more and social media and TV I believe would be the best way with many of us still spending more time consuming both than usual. You could say this is lazy of Cadbury to not think of their own creation but why not get your customers involved and more invested in the brand? Let them go Madbury for Cadbury!

What do you think of going a bit Madbury for Cadbury? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you think it’s great consumer involvement or just lazy? Have you thought of your own chocolate creation yet? 

Honourable mention: Hands Off My Chocolate

While on the subject of chocolate, have you seen these dutch chocolate bars before? I was introduced to them recently, only visually though, I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting them yet.

I just love the fact they say what most of us are all too polite to say. It seems that’s what their research came up with too. There isn’t really anything to fault here with the bright, unique packaging and cheeky typography on the bar. I like the difference in the way the bar is made up on buttons rather than squares. I wonder whether this is in a bid to prevent sharing as I can see it being harder to break off a piece with this design.

What do you think to Hands off my chocolate? Have you heard of them before?


Featured image courtesy of YouTube/Soho Voices.


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