Rise at Seven: Missguided’s Dog Jumpers

Unless you work within marketing you don’t really think about SEO or know just how important it is. Rise at Seven know this but focused on what they know best, PR. This strategy had a knock-on effect of improving Missguided’s SERP ranking too.

A couple of months ago Rise at Seven posted about what they did for Missguided. How they got Missguided ranking first for the term ‘Dog Jumpers’. At first, I thought this post was going to tell me all about how they optimised the site for SEO. That isn’t the case. Instead, Carrie Rose, the founder of Rise at Seven tells us how a little product PR went a long way.

Image courtesy of Rise at Seven.

Having well-trusted backlinks will do the world of good for your SEO. Getting backlinks from well-trusted sites can be tricky though, you need to give them something worth sharing. Missguided’s main target is young women aged 16-35, within this demographic, there are a lot of pet lovers, specifically dogs. With this in mind, it’s crazy to think that their dog jumpers hadn’t been selling much. When they already have “human” jumpers to match the dog jumpers they sold you’ve got to think, “how was this not thought of sooner?”. Now, this isn’t to undermine the work from Rise at Seven, it’s easier to say this when the idea has been done now.

Image courtesy of Rise at Seven.

Now you can’t argue with these figures and that is down to the work of Rise at Seven. They impressed Missguided so much leading them to create a new line of branded dog loungewear. As if people didn’t want to cuddle their dogs already.

Image courtesy of Rise at Seven.

This line received fewer links but the visits were even better. My only assumption here is that these backlinks were the most trustworthy and from publications that their target audience viewed the most. They may have also been riding that success wave from their first lot of backlinks.

All this product PR didn’t just work at improving visits via the backlinks created, it also increased the amount people searched for ‘Dog jumpers’.

Image courtesy of Rise at Seven.

I could go into more detail but instead, I’ll let you read the original blog post.


In a way, you could say Rise at Seven had an easy job with getting people to talk about such a well-known fashion retailer. If they were working with a smaller retailer these publications may have been more hesitant to feature the story. Saying this they created a great story to share. How many young female dog owners do you know that wouldn’t want a matching jumper with their pet?

They worked quite smart here too working with content already created. There really is no shame in reusing good content as we see this happen more and more in different ways. Remember how McCain and Tesco have both done this in the past few months?

I know I said I would talk about improvements to campaigns I praised so much but I’m honestly stumped here. The stats don’t lie although after a quick search I can see that Missguided no longer ranks #1 on google instead they are #4. This is still good but you have to scroll a little to get to them so the only criticism I can say is that they haven’t kept on top of this. Not really a fair criticism though, I know.

What do you think of Rise at Seven’s work with Missguided? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Do you think this is a great way of improving on SERP ranking? Could you think of any other stories Rise at Seven could have used?

Honourable mention: Lockdown. Not Lockup!

If like me you like to keep up with marketing publications, which you probably do if you are reading this blog you may have seen a new collection created by Ads of the World. This new collection looks at all the work created by brands and agencies relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. One campaign that caught my eye was produced by Publicis for ABAAD. The campaign aimed to help victims of domestic abuse. Victims are being trapped with their abuser more than ever while in lockdown.

I think this is a great way to remind everyone that the issue hasn’t stopped and empowered everyone to help. This campaign ran across Lebanon, are there others in your area you think need recognition too? I know around the UK women who sell beauty products have been informing customers how to get in touch if they need help. This is mainly requesting free samples.

In case you need a little cheering up

I realise that honourable mention may leave you feeling a little sombre, fully understandably too. As I want to leave you smiling here is another campaign from the Ads of the Worlds collection. The social distancing crown from Burger King.

Image courtesy of Metro.

This is a fun way Burger King decided to enforce social distancing in their German restaurants. They also added that their Woppers will now have extra onions causing your bad breath to help you social distance. Not sure how much people will want that though. Although it might be more cost-effective than their Unhappy Birthday campaign in France mentioned a few weeks ago as my honourable mention.

Featured image courtesy of Joyscribe.


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