Cheetham Bell: Complimentary Snacks

Packaging can be quite an underrated form of marketing, especially when it comes to a free product. Complimentary snacks are something you find more and more whether at expos, hotels or on a flight. When was the last time packaging really grabbed you and you thought, “wow, that’s different”.

Cheetham Bell is no stranger to making the most of packaging. You may remember last month when I talked about their success with Joseph Holt and the Bee Glass.

Yep, you noticed another Roses award nomination this time for Typography and Self-promotion. Cheetham Bell has not shied away from these and rightly so. These complimentary snacks look like something that would grab your attention and just jump in your basket. You know like all the things that are bad for you do.


Ok well clearly I fangirl a little when it comes to Cheetham Bell and these complimentary snacks just hit the sweet tooth. They’re great perfectly packaged, very inviting. I love the fact you can see the snacks fully too, they’ve really allowed the snacks to sell themselves. A nice simple idea executed well. I really have to tip my metaphorical hat off to them for doing so well on something that doesn’t directly generate them money. That’s not to overlook what a difference these things can do though.

The only issue here and this is with the nomination for the roses award is the self-promotion. Where is it? It’s a brilliant product but if you see this product out of context from Cheetham Bell how would you know it’s theirs? Unless there is a Cheetham Bell logo on the bottom or back I’m missing I see no link to them other than a great piece of work.

What do you think of Cheetham Bell’s Complimentary Snack packaging? As always, I would love to see your comments below and I’m always up for a discussion on any of my blog topics if you want to drop me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. Would you love to see these in your next meeting? What copy would you add to the packaging for other snacks?

Honourable mention: My Builder – If Homes Could Talk

For those like me that rarely watch actually TV anymore with adverts then you may have missed this delight.

Now that’s a catchy tune, right? Although you have to stop yourself from saying ‘Delilah’ throughout. I have to say that Wieden + Kennedy really did well on the creative for this one. I felt it was a must-share as soon as I’d seen it. What do you think? Catchy?

Featured image courtesy of Cheetham Bell.



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